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Private and Instructor led Econometrics using Stata NetCourses for Research

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Private and Instructor Led Stata NetCourses with Applied Statistics for Research

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Data Analysis

Recommended Stata NetCourse in Data Analysis for Research Students in Economics, Finance, Management and Social Sciences, covering complete theory and application of Basic Econometrics and Basic Statistics and Research Methodology

Econometrics using Stata

Top rated online course in Econometrics using Stata taught by Professor Anees in private to each candidate enrolled for PhD or Master in Economics, Finance and Social Sciences. Stata NetCourses covers both time series analysis and panel data analysis.

Quantitative Research

Advanced Quantitative Research Methods is offered to PhD and Master level students in Business, Management and Social Sciences with complete training in using Stata for Survey Data Analysis, Report Writing and Writing Effective Thesis

Statistics using Stata

Our professors are regular conducting the Stata NetCourse in Statistics using Stata for PhD and Master students in Economics, Finance, Management and Social Sciences who will use Survey Data for their research projects or writing thesis.

Advanced Research Methods

Enroll for private and instructor led course in Advanced Research Methods for Social Sciences and Management Sciences, suitable for PhD and Master level students who need to write their dissertation and thesis in Economics, Business and Finance

Structural Equation Modeling

Enroll now for the Stata NetCourse in Structural Equation Modeling and learn the Advanced Quantitative Methods including Factor Analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Partial Least Squares, Generalized SEM and Writing A Thesis.

Clients Feedback & Testimonials

  • Complete Report and Data Analysis Done in Time

    I was in need of completing data analysis for my thesis in short time but was totally unable to do it. I contacted Stata.Help team and they did the complete Data Analysis using Stataand provided a completely written Results chapter in 3 days.

    Data Analysis using Stata
    Nicolas, J
    Master Student, Denmark
  • Wonderful man, you did it perfectly

    I had a critical time limitation to complete data analysis and writing my thesis. I found Stata.Help and they did the Econometric Analysis of Data using Stata and provided a complete Results chapter in only one week. Really wonderful experience. I recommended these freelancers to my class fellows and they got positive feedback as well.

    Econometric Analysis of Data using Stata
    Joana, P
    PhD Student, United States
  • Expert in Stata and Research Writing

    I saw Anees at a facebook group commenting on tricky Econometrics questions. I needed private helpin Econometrics and some writing help. He did the Data Analysis using Stata within 3 days and provided a written Results chapter in one week time. He was faster than my expectations and also he provided me all answers to my queries. I recommended him to my friend and he is getting the same with best expectations.

    Data Analysis using Stata
    Robert, F
    PhD Student, United Kingdom

Stata.Help Econometrics Freelancer

Muhammad Anees, Senior Econometrics Freelancer

As a member of Data Science Central (DSC), American Economic Association (AES), Royal Economic Society (RES), International Health Economics Association (iHEA) and The Econometrics Society, I have been working closely with top academics in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics and Research Methods. Also, I am providing supervision in Applied Econometrics and Statistics to PhD candidates in Project Management, Business Management, Finance, Corporate Governance and Social Sciences. I am professionally trained and the highly recognized online course provider in Stata, Eviews, SPSS, Nvivo10/11, WinRATS, SAS, GAUSS, Gretl, Minitab, C++, JavaScript and Python. I helped more than 300 clients from around the world in applied econometrics and statistics for corporate governance, financial performance, economics research, business evaluation, Value at Risk, Options Pricing, Stock Evaluation, Pairs Trading and Backtesting through the use of above statistical softwares. It is backed by my education in economics, statistics and econometrics from The University of Sheffield, UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We charge variable fees and determine project fees according to the requirements. Our minimum fees on average has been 250USD and we also worked on a few projects at the rate of 150USD. The project fees depend on the level of work required, speed of work to meet the deadline and also amount of work. Therefore, we request you to prepare a fixed set of work so it is easy for both of us to determine the budget to complete your work in time which included free revision anytime and completely free training in replicating your work on your Computers.

  • Definitely. We would need 50% of the fees in advance to schedule work for you and we will show you the work before you pay the remaining fees. Also, we provide 100% refunds so most of our clients pay in advance. But still you can pay in two installments as we do know some students have limitations. Therefore, we recommend you to pay 50% in advance and prepare the remaining payment before delivery of final reports and codes.

  • We are professionally trained academics and know every bit of academic and professional report writing for students, professors and business professionals. Academically we are specialists in Economics, Statistics, Econometrics, Finance, Business and Management, International Trade, Project Management and Social Sciences. We do know theory and application of Research Tools and Techniques and this can be witnessed from our 80+ PhD students who completed their thesis with our technical supervision.

  • We are highly motivated to use Stata for every kind of Data Analysis to produce Research Reports. Yes, we know that students do need to use other softwares like Eviews, SPSS, AMOS, SmartPLS, R Programming, Matlab, Gretl, RATS, GAUSS and Minitab. We do offer 100% competitive freelance services in using these softwares as well. You can request your project solution in these softwares from which is our sister site.

  • Yes, we do provide NetCourses in Stata. Our courses are within the area of Applied Econometrics, Applied Statistics and Applied Research Methods to help PhD and Master level students to get 100% qualification in use of Stata effectively for data analysis and Research Report Writing.

Do you need further information?

Stata for Econometrics: 2 Days Training

  • The fees for the course: Stata for Econometrics is set out to be 79USD which includes a total of 8 hours of Live Lectures.

  • We accept payment via Paypal, Payoneer (Credit Card), Western Union, MoneyGram, EasyPaisa (other mobile transfer within Pakistan) and Online Banking (only within Pakistan).

  • The course will cover insights in Basic Panel Data (Random Effects, Fixed Effects, Hausman Test, Endogeneity, 2SLS, 3SLS, GMM, Panel Unit Root, Panel Cointegration and Panel Causality Tests), Time Series Analysis (Unit Root VAR, VECM, Cointegration, ARDL, NARDL).

  • Though this training is based on Stata only, we can offer extended course: Stata + Eviews for Econometrics for 99USD in private. To enroll for this, mention the code in your form: PrivateStataEviews so we can check and respond accordingly.

  • The session will cover practical data analysis (70%) and theory (30%) and will answer all the common questions and problems when we do apply the mentioned contents.

  • Yes, you will earn a verifiable certificate to your private link. Example certificate from a previous at here

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